Michelle Reed


Thu, 2 Jul, 2015

Meet the world’s tallest cow

Meet the world’s tallest cow

In breaking bovine news, there has recently been crowned a new World’s Tallest Cow.

Blosom, the cow in question, hailed from Orangeville, Illinois and measured in at a staggering 190cm tall, surpassing the last winner from the early 1900’, who stood at 188cm. Her owner, Patty Meads-Hanson, claims that 13 year old Blosom was even taller in her youth, but shrunk with age.

Unfortunately, since the measuring Blosom has passed away as a result of an unhealable leg injury. Still, the gigantic bovine will be honoured in the 2016 Guinness Book of World Records. According to Meads-Hanson, Blosom was not at all jaded by the attention her impressive size garnered her:

"The funny thing about Blosom was how unaffected she was by all the attention that seemed to surround her. As long as she had her oats, and daily chin rubs and ear scratches, life was good.”

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