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How to be a good hotel guest

How to be a good hotel guest

Despite usually being your home base whilst on holiday (or a business trip), hotels can be somewhat stressful.

You may come across loud or unpleasant noises, unhelpful staff, inconvenient check in/out times, and less-than-desirable facilities that dramatically differ from website photos.

Regardless, the onus isn't just on hoteliers to make the experience great. You, as a guest, have some power in the situation too. Here's how to be a good hotel guest.

Do arrive on time. Unless you've called ahead, there's usually little point in trying to check-in before the specified time. Your room probably isn't ready. Instead, if you do arrive early, just ask to leave your bags securely at the desk.

Don't be rude at the check-in desk if something isn't right. The person behind it can only work with what their computer tells them. They didn't make your booking, and while they have some control over any mistakes made, you're not going to get anywhere by being pushy.

Do keep your room tidy. Yes, the cost of housekeeping is built into the room, but cleaners have many rooms to get through in their shift, and only a specific amount of time allocated for each. There's no need to leave your clothes lying on the floor just because you think you can.

Don't act like a rock star. We know you're away from home, but you don't have carte blanche to act however you wish. No parties in your room, no late-night guests knocking on your door, and – I shouldn't have to say this – definitely no throwing of anything out the windows.

Do politely call the front desk if you encounter an issue. If a bedspread looks dirty, something goes missing, or you need some different pillows, just get on the house line and speak up. Approaching it quietly will see any problem actioned swiftly.

Don't make complaints when you're at the end of your stay. They can't be dealt with if they happened two days ago, and you must act in the moment to avoid feeling disgruntled.

Do leave a tip on the nightstand. Even in Australian hotels, despite our lack of tipping culture. For great service throughout your stay, $5 per room, per day, will do the trick.

Do you agree with these tips?

 Written by Lee Suckling. Republished with permission of Stuff.co.nz

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