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ALDI shopper finds weird handwritten message on linen

<p>An ALDI shopper has revealed the odd handwritten note on her son's bedspread that she picked up in a Special Buys sale.</p> <p>She shared the find on a popular Facebook page and discovered the message in thick black texta on the fabric – a large note that appeared to read "LEMON FISH".</p> <p>“Did anyone get the truck single bed spread?” said Hayley-Maree on the<span> </span><a rel="noopener" href="" target="_blank">Aldi Mums</a><span> </span>Facebook page.</p> <p>“I just washed it and was hanging it out and it looks like it’s been written on.</p> <p>“It doesn’t have it anywhere else. Just wondering if anyone else got one and if it’s mark-free?”</p> <p><img style="width: 500px; height:281.25px;" src="" alt="" data-udi="umb://media/308d91f0fe1a41ef90b249c80d6c68a7" /></p> <div class="body_text redactor-styles redactor-in"> <p>Others quickly pointed out it's likely that the marks were made in the production phase of the bedspread.</p> <p>“It’s been marked while being made by the looks of it,” said one.</p> <p>“Measurements or maybe end of fabric roll - definitely take in for refund.”</p> <p>Added another: “What you have is a doona that is made from the end of the roll of fabric and has been marked as such. Not ordinary ink, won’t come out.”</p> <p>While it's currently unclear if the mum went into ALDI for a refund on the item, it would be great to know just what "LEMON FISH" could possibly be a reference to!</p> </div>

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