Alex O'Brien


Fri, 30 Jan, 2015

Is this the world’s most beautiful tree?

Is this the world’s most beautiful tree?

It looks like something out of a Dr Seuss book. This surreally pink tree is actually a 145-year-old Wisteria that stands in Japan’s Ashikaga Flower Park.

The tree’s “branches” are actually thick tangles of vines that spread nearly a kilometre out from the trunk. These massive, heavy vines are supported by a structure of steel beams, stopping the tree from collapsing. Standing under the branches gives the impression that you’re standing under an expansive, dreamlike pink sky.

Planted in 1870, the tree is an attraction that delights tourists and locals alike, with different times of the day offering new light and perspective to visitors. When the wind is right, the blooms give off an aroma similar to grapes. 

We’re guessing you’re ready to book your trip to Japan now, right? Well, the tree is at its most beautiful from mid-April to mid-May.