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Fri, 13 Feb, 2015

Tourist hotspots that are most popular with thieves

Tourist hotspots that are most popular with thieves

Perhaps unsurprisingly, some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations are the places you’re most likely to be targeted by petty thieves.

Cities like Paris, which offer a bevy of beautiful sights to see, are the worst, because those sights are basically big distractions for unsuspecting tourists. It’s important to always be aware of where your belongings are, and how easy it would be for them to be snatched, warn travel insurance experts. Paris’ crowded train network is also a popular spot for thieves, as tourists are likely to be concentrating on their stop, than their own bags.

Rome plays host to some thieves who will grab bags from under tables, or from off the backs of chairs. While some homeless people will hold a paper message in your face, and grab your phone, sunglasses, or wallet from the table while your vision is blocked.

If you’re travelling overseas, it’s important to remember that you must attend your belongings at all time. Lock them up in a safe at your accommodation, and report any loss to local authorities. Failure to do any of these things can result in a declined travel insurance claim. And a much more expensive trip.

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