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Wed, 5 Aug, 2015

Teacher spends $20,000 Millionaire Hot Seat winnings on shoes for students

Teacher spends $20,000 Millionaire Hot Seat winnings on shoes for students

A Victorian teacher recently won $20,000 on a game show – and she used it to buy all 200 of her students brand new shoes.

Bri Dredge, who teaches at Yuille Park Community College, recently participated on Millionaire Hot Seat. Beforehand, she promised to use whatever she won to help her students.

Australian footwear company Blundstone, upon hearing of Dredge’s generousity, provided 200 pairs of shoes for every pupil in need… for free.

“They’re so appreciative,” Ms Dredge said to 9NEWS. “All of them keep coming up to me and giving me big hugs.”

The students aren’t the only ones touched by Dredge’s offer, as the show’s host, Eddie McGuire shared his compliments:

"I've been hosting Millionaire Hot Seat for many years now and when Bri came on the show I was immediately touched by her generosity of spirit, for her genuine love of her job, and I think teaching is the noblest of professions,” he said.

In an optimistic sentiment, CEO of Blundstone, Steve Gunn also shared his admiration:

"Thank you to Bri who had this wonderful idea in the first place, it's great to have teachers like her,” he said.

“Good things really do come to good people.” 

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