Michelle Reed


Tue, 30 Jun, 2015

Japanese stationmaster cat mourned by thousands

Japanese stationmaster cat mourned by thousands

It has been a time of mourning for animal lovers and commuters alike this week. Over 3,000 people gathered to honour Stationmaster, financial guru, and cat, Tama, at her funeral after she passed away recently.

In 2007 Kishi train station in Japan was all but closed, and facing financial ruin. In a last ditch attempt to save the company, Tama was appointed Stationmaster after the final human employee had departed.

Miraculously, commuters heard of this appointment and flocked to see the feline master, who touted a custom-made hat and uniform and saw passengers off on their journey.

Tama has now been credited with saving the station from financial demise, and upon her death has been granted Shinto goddess status. She will be imortalised in a cat shrine in August.

Looking forward to the future, the Kishi train station has appointed a new cat apprentice named Nitama who will attempt to fill the Tama’s proverbial shoes.

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