Joel Callen


Mon, 13 Jul, 2015

Turtle lives 20 years after being cut free from a six-pack ring

Turtle lives 20 years after being cut free from a six-pack ring

In one human’s fleeting act of irresponsibility, Peanut the turtle’s fate was forever altered after she became entangled in a six-pack holder.

Twenty years later, the tenacious turtle is still alive and well today and serving as a reminder to properly throw out litter.

During the 1980s, Peanut found herself trapped in the rings of a six-pack holder. As Peanut continued to grow, the restriction of the rings forced her shell to grow abnormally and Peanut was deformed.

In 1993, Peanut was finally rescued and cut free from her restraints, but Peanut suffered a loss of mobility that rendered her incapable of surviving in the wild alone.

Now Peanut lives under the aid of conservation officials and serves as the face of Missouri’s No More Trash campaign, a constant reminder to keep our earth litter-free.


Image Source: Missouri Department of Conservation


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