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Leaked footage shows Peter Overton’s priceless reaction to wife Jessica Rowe's cooking

Leaked footage shows Peter Overton’s priceless reaction to wife Jessica Rowe's cooking

Jessica Rowe has poked fun at her lack of culinary skills on her Instagram account before, however, her husband has taken his displeasure to new heights by reacting to one of her dinners in-between takes of Nine News.

The ex-Studio 10 host was left cackling on air of Monday’s Today episode when leaked footage showed her husband Peter Overton behind the Channel Nine news desk, looking displeased by learning his wife had prepared paste with very watery sauce for dinner. 

The Today show co-anchors Georgie Gardner and Deborah Knight showed the hilarious video to a very tense Rowe who sat watching her Nine newsreader husband sitting at his desk looking disappointed.

“You've just seen Jessica's posted to Instagram tonight's dinner. Yep,” Peter was shown saying into an earpiece.

“So you recommend takeaway? Yep.”

“Oh, for the 20th night in a row. Pasta with a very watery tomato sauce. Yeah, I am a bit over that,” 52-year-old Pete said with a sigh, before cheekily revealing his “survival pack".

“Okay, it's all good. I have my survival pack with me anyway before the news,” he said before biting into a McDonald’s burger.

Jessica sat laughing in her chair before looking to the Today co-hosts and nodding reassuringly.    

“He’s so cheeky… Now what he does is he has own meal delivery service,” Rowe candidly admitted to Georgie and Deborah.

“Neither of us are good cooks and I then say to him, ‘If you have a problem with pasta and Dolmio, well then perhaps you can always do something.’

“He orders himself his own special meals,” a very giggly Rowe explained.

Jessica is on a promotional trail for her new book, Diary of a Crap Housewife.

The author often shares her unappetising meals made for her husband Peter, and two daughters, Allegra, 12, and Giselle, nine, with her Instagram followers.

In the past, Rowe has made sunken lasagne, burnt pancakes, soggy fish and chips, tinned spaghetti and baked beans, and sad looking sunny-side-up eggs.