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“I feel uncomfortable”: Erin Molan’s plea to Darryl Brohman about inappropriate comments made on air

“I feel uncomfortable”: Erin Molan’s plea to Darryl Brohman about inappropriate comments made on air

2GB co-host Darryl Brohman is in hot water after his comments to his former The Footy Show co-host Erin Molan on the weekend.

Molan was appearing on 2GB’s Continuous Call show on Saturday when Brohman pointed out that Molan had been “adjusting herself”.

“Can you wear a bra next time you come in?” Darryl said.

“She's been adjusting herself for 20 minutes. Can you do something about that?”

Molan dismissed the comments as they were live on air and explained that she has a child at home and doesn’t have a lot of time.

“I have a child, I don’t have time to get ready,” Molan snapped back, which led another male radio host to jump in saying that Molan “didn’t have to explain herself.”

Despite Molan and Brohman joking about it, it seems like Brohman couldn’t let the subject go.

Throughout the segment, Molan voiced her discomfort by saying “I feel uncomfortable”, to which Brohman replied: “Well, go and put on a bra and you’ll feel better!”

The segment ended with Brohman being told to put on a bra himself and the three hosts laughed together.

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However, the Studio 10 panelists aren’t pleased with the exchange. Narelda Jacobs, after listening to the audio said that it was “disgraceful”.

“Does Erin sit there and tell Darryl to stop adjusting his nuts?” she explained with annoyance.

“I think it is absolutely terrible because it means he is looking at her boobs. They are on radio as well, so now everyone has painted a picture in their minds.”

However, Joe Hildebrand disagreed.

“It seemed awkward, but it was one of those things where everyone is still having a good time,” he said.

Angela Bishop, entertainment reporter, agreed with Jacobs.

“It's a blokey environment and Erin has forged this great female presence within that show,” she said. 

“[When I heard it] I just went, 'Really? Really?"

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