Wed, 24 Feb, 2021

Greg Hunt reveals doctor responsible for QLD overdose did not receive training

Greg Hunt reveals doctor responsible for QLD overdose did not receive training

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has revealed shocking information in parliament, which led to gasps around the room.

He said that the doctor who gave two elderly Australians four times the recommended dosage of the COVID-19 vaccine had not completed his online training.

The federal government is responsible for the inoculation of aged care residents and owned up to the incident Wednesday morning.

“Healthcare Australia confirmed the doctor had completed training provided through the Australian College of Nursing and the company is advised it had copies of completion,” Hunt said on Wednesday afternoon.

“The revised advice is that on further investigation, Healthcare Australia has now advised that the doctor had not completed the required training.”

“This is being investigated by Healthcare Australia and we are expecting a report later today,” Hunt pressed on.

“Healthcare Australia has advised that all other immunisers have completed the training.

“Healthcare Australia has also advised that this doctor has not been involved in the vaccine rollout in any other facilities.”

Hunt said that he was apologetic for the mistake.

“I apologise to the House,” he said.

“I reaffirm my apologies to the family.

“I have asked the department to take action against the company and the doctor for what is a clear breach on both fronts.”

A quick-thinking nurse spotted the error after the doses were administered consecutively and the doctor responsible was immediately stood down.

The incident has left Queensland Premier Anastacia Palaszczuk furious.

“Mr Speaker, none of this is good enough and the federal government must explain itself,” she said in a fiery address.

“Today I will write to the prime minister asking him to convene a National Cabinet as soon as possible.”