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Wed, 5 Aug, 2015

Firefighters saved a runaway pug from traffic

Firefighters saved a runaway pug from traffic

A Victorian pug has his local firefighters to thank for saving his life.

On Monday afternoon the rebellious dog, Angus, was spotted by the Country Fire Authority (CFA) running around Burnbank Street in Ballarat.

The team lured the dog into their car and brought him back to the station with them.

"[Angus was taken] back to the district office where he was mobbed by countless district staff for pats and tummy rubs but alas no bagpipes," the CFA said in a recent statement.

The local ranger scanned the run-away’s microchip, which led to Angus’ reunion with his worried owners.

"Angus had a great ride in the operations car,” the CFA said.

“He didn't choose the pug life the pug life chose him.”

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Photo source: CFA


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