Joel Callen


Thu, 18 Jun, 2015

Mount Everest has shifted since Nepal earthquake

Mount Everest has shifted since Nepal earthquake

The phrase “to move mountains” is typically used to demonstrate someone’s strong will to accomplish a task. But it’s just a metaphor; no one really thinks mountains move, do they? Well, it’s time to shake up your worldview: Mount Everest is on the move.

According to the Chinese government, the world’s highest peak moved both laterally and horizontally as a result of the earthquake in Nepal on April 25. Research by the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation shows that Everest moved 3cm to the south-west since the quake. There was also a shift in height: the European space Agency released satellite data showing the mountain had shrunk by 2.5cm because of the earthquake.

In the last 10 years to April, Everest had moved 40cm north-east, and had risen 3cm. With the recent loss of height, the summit is just about back to where it was in 2005.

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