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Wed, 10 Jun, 2015

Dubai unveils plans to enlist robot cops

Dubai unveils plans to enlist robot cops

In news that is eerily reminiscent of at least five science fiction films we can think of, Dubai Police have revealed plans to enlist robotic police officers. According to Dubai Police, the robot cops will be working in tourist hotspots by 2017.

Armed with artificial intelligence and the ability to speak six languages, the robots will be able to function independently for certain tasks, and will have an interactive screen and microphone to enable communication with call centres.

Colnel Khalid Al Razooqui, director of Dubai Police’s smart services department, said, “The new smart robot is the latest technology which Dubai Police will use in the future – especially with the increase of tourists every year. We are working with specialist international companies to create the future cop and after finishing the modifications and updates, we will have a robot cop who can work just like any policeman and won’t be controlled and will have a developed programme. Dubai will be the first city to have such a robot cop.”

Someone find Sarah Connor, because we’re pretty sure Skynet is about to go live.

Image is from the film Robocop, and does not reflect the appearance of the planned robotic police officers. Or does it?

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