Joel Callen


Wed, 24 Jun, 2015

Two-legged Dachshund gets 3D-printed legs

Two-legged Dachshund gets 3D-printed legs

Meet Bubbles, the Dachshund who was born without her front legs. Her human, Trevor Byers, first noticed that Bubbles was short two legs when she was in the whelping box, and was concerned for the quality of life she would have. Clearly, that’s no longer a concern.

Thanks to a 3D printer, and after many failed attempts by Trevor to design a suitable wheelchair or set of wheels, Bubbles can now get around with all of her friends. She does so quite speedily, too. Trevor even shared the design on the DIY website Instructables, along with detailed instructions so that anyone whose dog may need similar assistance getting around doesn’t have to go without.

You can see how Trevor created the wheels here.

And visit Bubbles on Facebook here.

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