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Wed, 5 Aug, 2015

Much-loved primary school “lollipop man” retires after 15 years

Much-loved primary school “lollipop man” retires after 15 years

One catholic school is saying goodbye to their beloved “lollipop man” who is retiring from his position as crossing-guard after 15 years’ service.

Ninety-three-year-old Holocaust survivor, Charles Bertinetti, has spent the last decade and a half aiding the children of Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School on their commutes home. During that time, Bertinetti has become a beloved figure amongst students and parents alike.

In all of his years work, he has never once voluntarily taken time off work save for necessity due to a car accident.

“I had a mind to go until I was 95,” Mr Bertinetti said. “It was a good job because it gave me something to do.”

Bertinetti’s great work was warmly acknowledged by the school’s principal, Jo Fox.

“There’s nothing greater than looking after children and keeping them safe, and (he) did that with 100 per cent dedication,” Fox said.

Upon his retirement, each class at the school made Bertinetti farewell cards and even presented him with a trophy for his dedication to the school.

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