Joel Callen


Wed, 1 Jul, 2015

Say goodbye to your favourite Allen’s lollies

Say goodbye to your favourite Allen’s lollies

You know us – we’re all for healthy eating and staying in control of what goes into our bodies. But, if you pay careful attention to our Food & Wine section, you may also have noticed that we have a weakness for sweet treats and yummy desserts. So we were slightly distressed when confectionary company Allen’s announced recently that they had axed several of their classic lines.

Among the sweets to get the chop were the Spearmint Leaves and Green Frogs – announcements that has us seeing green. Margaret Stuart, a spokesperson for Allen’s parent company Nestle, has revealed that the company is surprised by the passion for Spearmint Leaves. “If (a product) is not selling, it makes no sense to continue it.”

The Allen’s Facebook page was inundated with complaints and requests to restore the beloved sugary treats to supermarket shelves, while several online petitions are gaining momentum. Some fans have suggested the Spearmint Leaves be brought back at year’s end as a “limited edition Christmas treat.”

The move follows recent changes that saw a considerable reduction in size of the famous Killer Python snake, and moves by rival Cadbury to also downsize their own products.

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