Tue, 12 Jan, 2021

Acting PM slammed for his take on Capitol riot: “beyond disgusting”

Acting PM slammed for his take on Capitol riot: “beyond disgusting”

Australia’s acting prime minister, Michael McCormack has said “all lives matter” after defending his statements that equated the assault on the US Capitol with Black Lives Matter protests.

The politician doubled down on his use of the inflammatory "all lives matter" slogan after saying 19 people died in America's anti-racism demonstrations and refused to issue an apology for saying there were similarities between the two events.

“There was destruction. There was uninsured property that business owners then have to dig deep into their own pockets to rebuild. And then of course there’s lives lost,” he said on Tuesday.

“I appreciate there are a lot of people out there who are being a bit bleeding heart about this, and who are conflicting outrage.

“But they should know that those lives matter, too. All lives matter.”

Mr McCormack said he abhorred the violence seen during the Capitol riot, but flat out refused to condemn Donald Trump for inciting the assault.

"All lives matter" is a slogan that has been pedalled by Pauline Hanson and other far-right figures across the world in response to Black Lives Matter.

Labor frontbencher Chris Bowen said Mr McCormack should apologise for saying there were any similarities between violence designed to undermine democracy and peaceful anti-racism protests.

"Australians of colour deserve to know that the government thinks more of them than that," Mr Bowen said to reporters in Sydney.

"To have the acting prime minister spout the words all lives matter to diminish the Black Lives Matter movement was beyond disgusting."

Mr McCormack has also been slammed for refusing to rebuke a Liberal MP for declaring that making children wear face masks was akin to child abuse.

Craig Kelly

Liberal backbench MP Craig Kelly posted on his Facebook page early on Tuesday morning that the results of a published study into mask-wearing by children during the pandemic showed devastating impacts that were just as bad as child abuse. .

“What other conclusion can be drawn from this first ever published study, other than that forcing children to wear masks is causing massive physical & psychological harm – that can only be defined as child abuse,” Kelly wrote.