Michelle Reed


Tue, 28 Jul, 2015

97-year-old man refuses to retire

97-year-old man refuses to retire

Meet the 97-year-old Australian worker who wouldn’t dream of retirement.

Clive Letton is an Australian toolmaker. After going to work every day for 70 years, he sees no need to slow down now.

Letton opened his business, Rider & Bell nearly seven decades ago. The company manufactures tools, letterboxes, fishing gear and whistles.

Despite his age of 97, Letton doesn’t see retirement in his future:

“Never, never,” he said.

“What for? I still got two hands, I can still move around.”

Despite his relentlessness, Letton’s son says his father hasn’t been exempt from health problems.

“He’s had a heart attack, he’s had prostate cancer, he’s had a couple of strokes,” Letton’s son said. Still, Letton sees no reason to stop working now, likely making him one of the oldest working citizens of Australia.

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