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6 important reasons why we need good friends

6 important reasons why we need good friends

Having a group of good people to spend time with can be so much fun. Whether it’s heading to see a show or just grabbing a coffee, we all need good friends. Here’s why.

1. Comfort

Knowing someone well means you can truly be yourself with them. There’s no awkward silence and you can tell them how you are really feeling.

2. Connection

Being alone is scary for many people, especially as we get older or lose our partner. Just knowing that you have a friend that you can call when you need them is so comforting.

3. Support

It’s great to know that you have people around you that will be there when the chips are down. And in the same way you can be there for them when they need you.

4. Self-esteem

Friends help boost our self-esteem, as they value our opinion and want what’s best for us. They’ll also tell you the truth about whether you should be wearing that orange hat or not.

5. Loyalty

It’s great to know that you can confide in a friend and your secrets won’t end up all over town. Having people to talk to about how you are feeling can lower your stress and anxiety levels too.

6. Oversharing

Sharing your greatest fears or embarrassing stories with friends is invaluable. It helps reduce your worries and gives you some perspective.

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