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Tue, 12 Jun, 2018Danielle McCarthy

How to make your hands look younger

How to make your hands look younger

Consultant dermatologist Dr Sharon Wong has revealed what causes ageing in hands and what you can to do make them look younger.

Speaking to the Good Housekeeping Institute, Dr Wong revealed that the hands are one of the first places in the body that reveal signs of ageing.

“The skin on the back of the hands is naturally thin and is one of the first give away signs of ageing skin,” she said.

“The most important external factor in ageing the hands is excessive sun exposure, which causes blemishes, pigmentation and destroys collagen and elastin in the skin - these are the two main scaffolding proteins that provide the plumpness and elasticity of youthful skin.”

Dr Wong explained that internal factors can also age your hands such as genetic factors and the loss of oestrogen in menopause.

No matter how your hands look, it is never too late to start giving them the proper care they need to improve their appearance.

Dr Wong recommends putting on high factor, broad spectrum sunscreen every morning and reapplying throughout the day.

“Apply sunscreen to your hands when driving and even when it's a cloudy day, as studies show that 80% of UV radiation from the sun can penetrate through clouds,” she said.

Wrinkles on your hands will be enhanced if your skin is dry and dehydrated so Dr Wong also suggests applying hydrating moisturisers throughout the day.

“Creams include retinols (vitamin A based compounds) are proven to boost collagen production and over time help to fade pigmentation, spots and blemishes,” she said.

“If you’re prepared to opt for a more invasive treatment, dermal fillers can be combined with needling techniques can help to smoothen out wrinkles and fine lines on hands, and return some of the plumpness to the skin.
“Blemishes and pigmentation can be effectively treated with chemical peels and some forms of lasers.”

To look after your fingernails, Dr Wong recommends avoiding as much contact as you can to harsh chemicals.

“I advise regularly moisturising and massaging the fingertips and around the nails, minimising trauma to the nails by wearing gloves to avoid direct contact with harsh chemicals, and keeping manicures and use of nail polish to a minimum.”

How do you look after your hands? Let us know in the comments below.