Shannen Findlay

Prince Frederik pulls out of fundraiser over health setback

Prince Frederik pulls out of fundraiser over health setback

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has been forced to pull out of a fundraiser, the Amalienborg Palace has confirmed in a statement.

The official event was launched last year in honour of the 51-year-old’s birthday.

The unfortunate news comes after the royal heir was diagnosed with a small disc herniation after he pulled out a few months ago from all work commitments after surgery for a herniated disc.

“Even though this is a minor damage, the Crown Prince runs the risk of worsening the condition if he runs at 10km distances in this year's Royal Run,” the palace statement read.

Those who are planning to compete in the annual 10km Royal Run, which is set to take place in June, will have to run without Prince Frederik beside them.

Although the longer stretches will not be completed by the royal member, he will still take part in the shorter distance run in Aarhus, where all ages are welcome to compete the 1.6km trek.

In September 2018, the husband to Australian-born Princess Mary was hospitalised with a small injury.

Princess Mary will be taking part in the 5km Royal Run in Aalborg this year, although it is unknown if their four children will also be taking part.