Karl Stefanovic “tests” man with clown phobia in the most confronting way possible

Karl Stefanovic “tests” man with clown phobia in the most confronting way possible

Former Today host Karl Stefanovic has dressed up as a clown to test whether or not a man had a phobia on This Time Next Year.

The 45-year-old put on a red nose, a colourful wig and rode a mini bicycle as guest Scott Cunningham spoke about his intense phobia of clowns.

The father-of-two from NSW pledged to overcome his fear.

Scott mentioned that his fear came from watching Stephen King’s movie IT as a child.

“It's not just scared, but it's even more than that,” Scott revealed.

“I actually have a different type of fear where I don't run away, I actually get quite violent and attack the clown.”

Scott said that when he sees a clown, he “gets anxiety straight away, my heart pounds and I get short of breath.”

Scott also said that he wants to get over his fear of clowns so he can take his children to the circus.

After 12 months of receiving therapy treatment from psychologist John Malouff, Scott returned back to This Time Last Year to update the show on his progress.

“I've completely overcome my fear of clowns,” Scott said, as he revealed that he'd taken his wife and children to the circus and even got a tattoo of a clown on his leg.

Karl put on a red nose, colourful wig and rode a bike on stage to test whether Scott had really dealt with his fear.

“Any anxiety?” Karl asked the father-of-two as he put on his costume. 

“None whatsoever, you just look a bit silly,” Scott laughed.

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