Mother’s warning after dangerous COVID side-effect

Mother’s warning after dangerous COVID side-effect

British doctors are scratching their heads after a seven-year-old boy battles a rare disease in the ICU which is linked to the boy's COVID-19 diagnosis.

Logan Walsh contracted COVID-19 alongside his mother, but medical workers believed the pair had recovered from the disease six weeks ago.

Doctors were immediately concerned as Logan's organs started to fail, his skin blistered and he developed heart murmurs, which are symptoms of Paediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (PIMS-TS).

PIMS-TS is a rare and life-threatening condition that doctors believe was brought forward from COVID-19.

It's not the first time doctors saw children develop this syndrome after catching COVID-19 and Logan's mother is urging for health experts to be more aware of this dangerous side-effect.

“The doctors told me they were seeing children and teenagers who had already had COVID-19, showing no symptoms when they had it and then coming in later, just like Logan,” she said.

“They go on all the time about how this pandemic only affects the elderly and often say it doesn‘t seem to affect children.”

“When this first began happening (to Logan), not all doctors were able to recognise it, and the link in the condition to COVID-19 is only just starting to be taken seriously.”

Thankfully, Logan is recovering after a stay in the ICU where he was given steroids. He was sent to rehabilitation to relearn how to walk.

“As his joints and muscles had swollen, Logan now requires physio to help with rehabilitation, and to walk again,” Ms Walsh said.

“Thankfully, the initial treatment eventually got his condition under control.

“Logan is recovering slowly, and made it home on Christmas Day.”

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