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ALDI'S $2 billion gift to Aussie fans

ALDI'S $2 billion gift to Aussie fans

German supermarket ALDI is saving Australian shoppers over $2 billion on their annual grocery bill, according to a newly released report.

The data, which was compiled by business advisory firm PwC, revealed that the company provides benefits valued at $3.3 billion every year to the country’s economy due to its partnerships with producers and suppliers.

“We’ve created careers for thousands of employees, driven enormous growth for private label manufacturers in Australia, and directed billions of dollars into the national economy via real estate, store constructions, wages, business partnerships and taxes paid to government,” said Tom Daunt, CEO of ALDI Australia.

ALDI is a family owned business with stores found around the world. The company prides itself for being a competitive force in the Australian grocery industry, as its low prices force other supermarkets to drive down their prices.

The report compared baskets filled with similar items and discovered that ALDI saved the average shopper $2.2 billion a year compared to other stores.

“ALDI (also) had a downward force on the price of all groceries resulting in savings of $450 million for customers that chose to shop elsewhere,” read the report.

ALDI opened its first store in Australia in 2001.