Australian map at US zoo leaves people astounded

Australian map at US zoo leaves people astounded

A map that was made to educate visitors at an American Zoo has instead gone viral for its hilarious blunder. 

The photo of what is meant to be an Australian map highlighting the Great Barrier Reef in  Queensland has been poorly thought out after it was realised that the entire state of Victoria was cut out from the map. 

Funnily enough, the sign which was snapped at a Zoo in Indiana US, also featured an orange section made to bring attention to the Great Barrier Reef turned out to be not entirely accurate either. 

Source: Reddit/hashtag-123

“The reef extends way further south,” one person responded.

“Tasmania has eaten Victoria,” one person pointed out.

The picture went viral on Reddit and users made light of the serious blunder. 

“We detached and floated over to become New Zealand's new west island,” another person said.

“It’s very cold so we all voted to just move the whole state north, I hope nobody minds? We will probably vote to move it all back when it’s summer,” a third social media user wrote.

Another hilarious comment read: “Can't attack you if they can't find you on the map!”