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"Unreal": Hilarious Bunnings' car park fail leaves people in stitches

"Unreal": Hilarious Bunnings' car park fail leaves people in stitches

The driver of a hatchback has sparked a hilarious reaction online after they were spotted leaving a Bunnings store with a large metal pole in a particularly ambitious position.

An passerby took a photo of the small blue Toyota Yaris in the Port Kennedy store's car park, south of Perth in Western Australia, on Monday.

A metal pole measuring to be approximately six metres in length was pictured projecting both out of the driver's side window and out the bottom of the car's boot, nearly scraping the ground.

What made it even funnier was the fact the driver had attached a small red flag to the back end of the pole, which is a measure required by law to avoid other driver's colliding with overhanging material.

Over 1000 people couldn't contain their amusement at the hilarious photo after it was uploaded to the 973 Coast FM Facebook page.

Many joked about ways they thought the pole could come in handy for its new owner.

“Wow a jousting competition in the car park!! What people do for distanced entertainment?,” one wrote in a comment.

“Obviously needed a new toilet roll holder after raiding the shops,” said another, referring to the recent panic buying in WA.

“Is that the new bicycle distance measuring device?,” someone else said.

“Glad they went to the effort of putting that tiny little flag on the end,” another wrote.

One described the scene “unreal” and said they “hope it missed the driver”.

The true reason for the driver’s trip to Bunnings was not clear.