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The terrifying moment a couple make an eerie discovery inside their Airbnb

The terrifying moment a couple make an eerie discovery inside their Airbnb

A Scottish couple had the fright of their life after making an eerie discovery inside their Airbnb apartment.

Dougie Hamilton, from Glasgow, Scotland was on holiday in Toronto, Canada with his girlfriend when he noticed something didn’t feel right about his rented open-plan apartment.

Posting on social media, Mr Hamilton shared the images of the moment he discovered a hidden camera inside a digital clock.

He said he became paranoid after watching a video about hidden spy cameras in things such as pens, teddy bears and clocks.

So, he decided to slide the front face off the digital clock and made the chilling discovery.

“I just happened to be facing this clock and was staring at it for about 10 minutes. There was just something in my head that made me feel a bit uneasy,” he told the Daily Record.

“It was connected to a wire like a phone charger which wasn’t quite right.

“I took the charger out of it and saw there was a lithium battery in the back. At this point, I slid the front facing off the clock and could see there actually was a camera.”

Airbnb gave Mr Hamilton a full refund and provided alternative accommodation. Police are currently investigating the matter.

A spokesperson from Airbnb said: “We take privacy issues extremely seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy for this behaviour.”

“We have removed the host from the platform while we investigate and are providing the guest with our full support.”