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The 4 most dangerous travel routes revealed around the world

The 4 most dangerous travel routes revealed around the world

Shipping company 1st Move International has utilised data from the Aviation Safety Network and the World Health Organisation to figure out what the most dangerous travel routes are around the globe.

Some of them will surprise you.

1. Yungas Road, Bolivia

This road is commonly referred to as “The Death Road” and clings to the Bolivian mountainside. With sheer drops, frequent mudslides and terrifyingly narrow sections, the road is responsible for up to 300 deaths a year.

However, it’s an essential shipping route for locals and businesses so they must use the road.

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2. Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China

This route along China is 2,028 kms and is littered with lofty segments and dissects through a staggering 14 of the highest mountains between Changdu and Lhasa.

Complete with unexpected landslides and multiple potholes, the route is one that truck drivers take regularly. There are also sharp mountain-side hair pins making travelling along the single-track sections in bad weather challenging for those who are inexperienced.

3. The Canning Stock Route, Australia

The Canning Stock Route spans over three deserts in Australia: The Gibson Desert, Little Sandy Desert and the Great Sandy Desert. The route attracts rev-heads who are keen for a 4WD adventure, but the sandy stretch is paved with graves.

The road stretches over 1,700 kilometres and the track was created in 1910 to connect a string of wells. It’s recommended that you allow at least 21 days for this extreme outback journey.

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4. Bermuda Triangle, Bermuda

Although the destination is now a hot-spot for tourists, this region in the North Atlantic Ocean is well known all over the world due to people disappearing in the region.

Over the years, an alarming rate of ships and planes have vanished without a trace, but is still a very popular route around the world.