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Tue, 28 Aug, 2018Over60

Qantas flight forced to turn back due to “whistling” cabin door

Qantas flight forced to turn back due to “whistling” cabin door

A Qantas pilot has been forced to turn back to Sydney after passengers reported a “whistling” noise coming from one of the plane’s doors.

The Qantas flight QF7 was only a few hours into a 17-hour trip to Dallas, Texas when the noise started.

After less than three hours in the air, the plane was forced to divert back to Sydney. The plane had to dump some of its fuel into the ocean in order to make the safe landing.

A spokesman for Qantas explained “a door seal was creating a high pitched whistling noise in the cabin so in the interests of passenger comfort the captain decided to return to Sydney.

“Cabin pressure was always maintained and the aircraft landed safely and without incident.

“Engineers are inspecting the aircraft.”

Qantas said the safety of passengers were never at risk but said the noise from the door would become have become irksome to passengers.

Passengers were transferred onto a different aircraft on their return to Sydney. The flight change means they will arrive in Dallas approximately six hours late.