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Passengers shocked as plane starts leaking after massive storm

Passengers shocked as plane starts leaking after massive storm

A couple who was travelling with British Airways were left terrified after they realised their plane was leaking before their journey home.

The eight-hour flight home started off easy enough before the duo realised that the emergency exit door was leaking water.

The couple had booked the seats for the extra leg room and were worried that the door wasn’t sealed properly due to the excess of water.

Nicola Agius explained to Sun Online Travel: “I was on the flight home from Orlando which was already delayed due to a huge thunderstorm.

“As we took our seats together in the emergency exit, I realised the plane started to leak. Water was literally gushing out of the door.”

Nicola took a video of the incident and said that staff came over to inspect it.

“I have a fear of flying at the best of times. The fact that none of the staff noticed the door was leaking made me even more nervous.

“The staff said it was normal, but I’ve never heard of a plane leaking before.

“I don’t understand why five air hostesses were gathered around with the pilot if it was completely normal.”

The crew mopped up the area with blankets and as the plane was empty, Nicola and her husband were able to move seats.

“We did take off and land safely, but it was scary, and I’ve never seen that before. It was just so terrifying.

“No wonder they have life vests on-board!”

A British Airways spokesman explained that the leaking was normal given the rough conditions.

“Although rare, this is normal when an aircraft is in a depressurised state when on the ground in very bad weather.

“​The safety and security of our customers is our top priority, and we would not operate a flight unless it was safe to do so.”