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Courtney Allan

Passenger shamed for “disgusting” plane act

Passenger shamed for “disgusting” plane act

A woman has shocked her fellow passengers on board a flight by using the empty seats beside her to dry her swimmers. She used the air vent to help with this process.

A fellow passenger on board snapped a photo and sent it to the popular Instagram page, Passenger Shaming.

The caption joked:

“PRO TRAVEL TIP: If you have a wet bathing suit, or three – AIRPLANE HEADREST DRYER.”

Many people were outraged and disgusted by the swimwear being aired during the flight.

“Disgusting. Make sure you bring wet ones so you can clean off your seat before you sit in it,” one commenter suggested.

Another agreed, asking: “Where were the flight attendants!? What did the person behind them say!?”

However, one commenter decided to look on the bright side of things.

“Better than a dirty diaper,” they commented.

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