Travel Trouble

Passenger divides internet over seat complaint on flight: "Ridiculous"

Passenger divides internet over seat complaint on flight: "Ridiculous"

A man has been slammed as “entitled” and “ridiculous” after posting a complaint about airplane seat-swapping on his social media account.

On Sunday, Australian journalist Daniel Brettig shared on Twitter that he asked a fellow passenger to exchange seats with him so that he could sit next to his girlfriend.

Brettig explained that it was the last day the couple would see each other for two and a half months.

However, the “boomer” passenger refused to move “because they wanted to look out the window”, Brettig wrote. “Strong generational metaphor areas, Shane.”

Brettig’s post was met with a wave of criticism, with many social media users slamming his reaction to the rejection as “spoiled”, “selfish” and “entitled”.

“Good. Buy your seat, choose your seat. Don’t ask for someone else’s that they have either earned, chosen or paid for,” one commented.

“Window seat is sacred. You should have pre-selected your seats if this time together was so important,” another wrote.

“What a ridiculous & self-entitled Tweet. If sitting together is so important yet you can’t be bothered to pre-select seats in advance, whether by paying a fee or otherwise, why should someone else give up their seat for you?” one added.

Some pointed out that while the request was reasonable, it was also fair for the fellow passenger to say no.

“It’s a reasonable request, but also more than reasonable to have that request rejected. I possibly would have done the same given how I was feeling on the day,” one wrote. “Your lack of organisations is not someone else’s issue.”

Another commented, “Nothing wrong in my opinion with asking someone to swap seats, but also nothing wrong in the other person’s right to turn down the request.”