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Neighbour sends confronting note about a nearby home’s exterior

Neighbour sends confronting note about a nearby home’s exterior

A neighbour has been left feeling shocked after they received a scathing note that details how they have been letting down their street.

The author of the letter, who is new to the neighbourhood, has detailed all the ways that the house needs to be renovated to keep up appearances. 

The letter was posted on Reddit, and reads, “Dear neighbour. Just thought I'd drop a line to ask you to do something with your house.

"We recently moved in and are down the corner from you, and yes the front yards are very small, and the landscaping is very minimal, it's easy to clean, plain, fixup and garden these homes, especially in the front.”

The letter goes on to detail how the author’s family nominated the house as “the worst on both sides of the block”, as they tell their children “that’s where the lazy’s live.”

Image credit: Reddit

The letter goes on to rattle off a list of things they expect to be done to their neighbour’s house, including having the house painted, lawn mowed, weeds removed and “showing some initiative.”

The author even wonders if the residents “have absolutely no pride”, as they insist they “do something with the front of that s*** hole.”

The Reddit post welcomed a flood of comments from sympathisers, saying the author’s request is uncalled for and unfair. 

While some users shared their own experiences with nightmare neighbours, many people told the recipient of the letter to simply adorn their front lawn with “plastic flamingos and lawn gnomes”.

Another thought it was a good idea, adding, "Flamingos might be too tame. I think it's time to invest in a modest display of giant lawn gnomes in raunchy poses."

Image credits: Getty Images / Reddit

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