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Travel Trouble

Family stung with $30,000 phone bill after holidaying in Bali

Family stung with $30,000 phone bill after holidaying in Bali

A Brisbane family arrived home from a holiday overseas in Bali to a massive $30,000 phone bill.

The debt came as a shock to Craig Piper, as he had purposely made the trip to Telstra before the holiday to switch his and his wife’s phone, as well as his daughter’s iPad to international roaming.

However, upon opening the bill, it quickly became clear that the telecommunication’s company had not switched open the iPad. 

“They put my phone and my wife’s phone, which is under my name under the data roaming but they failed to do the iPad,” Mr Piper told A Current Affair.

He explained that the bill “put a lot of stress on our family”.

“We opened it up and saw the, the amount of money that they were asking for and we just couldn’t believe it,” he said.

Sabine Lebroy from told the program that planning ahead can help reduce these costs.

“Either add a travel pack to your existing plan or buy a travel sim,” Leroy said.

Luckily for the family, the telecommunications company were sympathetic to the situation and ended up waiving the entire bill.