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Entire family found dead inside luxury hotel sauna

 Entire family found dead inside luxury hotel sauna

Police are investigating the highly suspicious death of an entire family in a five-star holiday hotel sauna. Police have suggested they may have been murdered, according to reports citing local law enforcement.

The family all died minutes apart from what was initially described as “asphyxia”.

Sergey Burenkov, 60 and his wife Natalya Burenkova, 58, from Moscow, Russia were holidaying in Albania with their daughter, Katya, 31, and her partner Nikita Belousov, 37,

Initially, attention was focused on the ventilation system of the sauna complex.

There were also claims that Chlorine in a pool may have caused these deaths, but was dismissed as a “fabrication” by the Russian embassy in Tirana, the capital of Albania.

Other claims that alcohol poisoning may have been responsible have all been rejected amid claims the family members do not drink.

Reports say no fault has been found with the sauna or its ventilation system.

The family died soon after going for a sauna after arriving at the luxurious Gloria Palace Hotel on the 15th of October.

One local report said there are now “suspicions among persecutors that we may be dealing with murder, but it is still too early to come to an accurate conclusion on how it was committed.”

If this is true, it is unclear why the tourist family were targeted.

Reports say they had ordered drinks and food to sauna complex but by the time a waiter delivered it, they were all dead.

“I shouted several times that the drinks and fruit were ready,” the hotel employee said to the Albanian media.

“No one answered so I walked inside and saw them all.”

“One person was lying on a sunbed, two were on the (sauna) benches. The last one was sitting with his legs in the pool.”

“They have all suffocated.”

The Russian embassy is working with local police to establish the cause of their deaths

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