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Duchess Camilla’s helicopter near “seconds from disaster”

Duchess Camilla’s helicopter near “seconds from disaster”

New reports have claimed a helicopter carrying the Duchess of Cornwall was just “seconds away from disaster” twice in the same year.

The allegations have said Duchess Camilla was travelling in Sikorsky S76 from the Queen's Flight when the aircraft veered away to avoid mid-air collisions while flying with the 71-year-old.

The royal was being flown from Sandringham to her home in Wiltshire when the alleged incident occurred.

The second incident happened while the helicopter was getting ready to land 45 minutes after the first event and had to make yet another manoeuvre to avoid a glider.

The pilot reportedly said he was fortunate enough to have spotted the glider from half a mile away as he had “been flying into the sun.”

These alleged incidents have been reported in the UK Aiprox Board Reports and happened on July 25, 2018 after the Duchess visited the Sandringham Flower Show with her husband, Prince Charles.

The Prince of Wales is believed to have been in Norfolk when the events reportedly took place and Duchess Camilla boarded the flight to Anmer Hall.

The helicopter took flight at 1.11 pm and later an air traffic controller RAF Marham, Norfolk said the risk of collision had been “high.”

The report by UK Aiprox Board found the DHC-6 pilot should have informed RAF Lakenheath, Suffolk of the two incidents on Duchess Camilla’s flights however he forgot due to it being his eight flight of the day.

RAF Marham reportedly informed RAF Lakenheath to remind other aircraft to keep away from the Royal Flight.

RAF Lakenheath made “numerous” attempts to contaxt the DHC-6 pilot, who failed to respond as he was “distracted by passengers in the back.”

Buckingham Palace and Skydive Chatter declined to comment to the Daily Mail.