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Cricket legend Michael Slater kicked off flight after "disruptive behaviour"

Cricket legend Michael Slater kicked off flight after "disruptive behaviour"

Photos have emerged of the moment Australian cricket legend Michael Slater was kicked off a plane that followed an argument with two female friends while boarding.

The Channel Seven commentator was boarding a flight from Sydney to the small NSW town of Wagga Wagga on Sunday afternoon when he became involved in a heated exchange with the two women he was travelling with.

Witnesses told radio station 2GB that he quickly became involved in an extremely heated discussion with the two women he was travelling with.

The conversation escalated once the trio took their seats, with witnesses saying he was swearing and yelling abuse at one of the women in particular.

Slater then locked himself in the bathroom and refused to come out.

Macquarie Radio spoke to Slater’s management, who confirmed the incident but denied that he locked himself in the bathroom.

The former Test batsman has now issued a statement to Macquarie Radio.

“I did have an argument with 2 friends whilst boarding a flight to Wagga and I apologise for the inconvenience this caused other passengers on the flight.”

Airport security were called to deal with the incident and Slater was asked by airline crew to disembark.

“Prior to departure on a Sydney to Wagga Wagga flight on Sunday, a male passenger was asked to leave the aircraft for being disruptive,” a Qantas spokesman told Daily Mail Australia.

“He complied with the crew's request.”

Slater joined Channel Nine after retiring from the world of cricket but made the switch to Channel Seven last year.

According to 2GB, the Seven Network only became aware of the incident when they made contact and have refused to comment.

“At this stage of the cricket season, Michael is working for a number of broadcasters,” the statement said.

“He doesn’t actually come back into our world until the start of the season ( 2019/2020).”