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Courtney Allan

Aussies share the weirdest things they’ve seen in hotel rooms

Aussies share the weirdest things they’ve seen in hotel rooms

A group of Aussies have shared the weirdest things they’ve seen after staying in a hotel room, on a Facebook page for frequent flyers.

The conversation began when one poster shared a photo of a sign in a hotel room, with the sign saying that you will be charged $70 every time you use the spa.

The amused man wrote:

“I had to stay somewhere rural for work, and found this sign next to the bath.”

The sign itself said:

“Please note: If the SPA is used there will be an extra charge of $70 per night. If you would like to arrange this, then please contact reception before 7pm. Thank you.”

The man also shared a photo of his colleague’s room, where the spa charge was only $50.

Others were quick to join in on the conversation, explaining the odd things that they have seen in hotel rooms.

One man explained that he had stayed in a place where the owners had labelled everything with instructions.

“It was just weird,” he said. “Worse was that they'd taken the remote control for the RC aircon and wanted $5 a night if we wanted to use it.”

Another said that they had rented a home in the Gold Coast one Christmas and was met with 17 signs advising reasons for loss of bond. This was after agreeing to pay peak rates.

“These were the penalty for a whole series of transgressions such as ‘not putting the bins out on the kerb on Tuesday night’,” he said.

“And they didn't let us use the broadband – we paid AUD$8K – total joke.”

What are some of the weird signs you’ve seen in hotel rooms? Let us know in the comments.