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Travel expert’s tip for ultimate plane seat preference

Travel expert’s tip for ultimate plane seat preference

A travel blogger has shared her Holy Grail tip for getting the most out of a plane journey by having extra space. 

Chelsea Dickenson, who goes by @cheapholidayexp on social media, has been sharing her holiday tips and tricks to help travellers get the most out of their holidays for years, but her latest plane hack has proven to be very popular. 

The savvy traveller revealed how people travelling in pairs can secure a whole row of seats to themselves on a plane, by using a common superstition to their advantage.

In Chelsea’s video that she shared to TikTok and Instagram, she explained that when booking seats on a plane for two people, it’s important to look for an empty row of three seats. 

Once a free row is found, the pair should book their seats on the window side and aisle side, leaving one free seat in the middle. 

According to Chelsea, it’s unlikely someone would book a single seat in the middle of two others. 

She also suggests booking towards the back of the plane, as the front rows often fill up the quickest. 

Surprisingly, one way travellers are almost guaranteed to have the empty seat remain free is to book in the 13th row, as the number is shrouded in superstition! 

While Chelsea says this hack doesn’t always work, if the middle seat is booked you can always ask the solo traveller if they would like to switch so you can be seated next to your holiday partner. 

The video has garnered over 300,000 views across her social media channels, with many viewers pledging to try the hack in their future travels. Give it a whirl!

Image credits: Shutterstock / Instagram @cheapholidayexp

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