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5 healthiest countries in the world

5 healthiest countries in the world

Thinking of a long holiday? These destinations have been ranked as the healthiest in the world. Bloomberg crunched the numbers from the UN, World Bank and World Health Organization, scoring 169 nations on a range of factors from life expectancy to obesity, tobacco use, air quality and access to clean water. This is the top 5.

1. Spain

With a health grade of 92.75 Spain is the healthiest nation on the planet. Last year Spain came 6th in this poll. Bloomberg notes that Spain has had “a notable decline in cardiovascular diseases and deaths from cancer over the past decade, partly as a result of effective public health policies based on screening and prevention.” It also noted that Spain’s healthcare system was funded by taxes and based on a policy of universal free access for all.

2. Italy

Italy is the second most healthy nation in the world. It scored 91.59 thanks to the diet habits of Italian people.

3. Iceland

Yet another reason to go to Iceland, apart from puffins and the Northern Lights. Iceland has a health grade of 91.44.

4. Japan

Japanese people still have the longest life-expectancy on earth. Their health rating came fourth with a grade of 91.38.

5. Switzerland

Great trains, great snow and great health. Switzerland has a health ranking of 90.93

Scroll through the gallery above to see the top 5 healthiest countries.

Written by Alison Godfrey. Republished with permission of MyDiscoveries.