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The surprising item the Queen always travels with

The surprising item the Queen always travels with

When you’re a member of the royal family you can’t just pack light and head out the door.

And while others are travelling with crown jewels, beige pumps and plenty of hats, the Queen is forced to take a vial of her own blood, as does Prince Philip and Prince Charles.

The blood is for when senior royals fall sick while travelling and is used if a safe supply of blood isn’t available when they require a transfusion.

Speaking to Fabulous Digital, royal editor Adam Helliker said: “The Queen always travels with a supply of blood which is placed in the responsibility of whichever doctor is on duty and accompanies her on duties and Royal tours.

“This means that in a country where speedy access to a reliable blood supply cannot be guaranteed, such as remote parts of Africa, the sovereign and her consort will be able to receive blood transfusions if they were required for a medical emergency.”

The blood is taken care of by a personal page.

Along with the blood, the Queen also travels with three personal physicians who, before her trip, will research nearby hospitals in case of an emergency.

Her blood supply is also “regularly topped up” so she never has to use someone else’s.

“She will have kept the supply topped up with regular deposits on the months before a trip abroad,” said Helliker.

“So it’s just like someone making voluntary blood donations – the difference being that she will be the only recipient if it’s ever needed – that ‘blue blood’ will never find its way to an ordinary patient.”