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The secret hotel rooms you don't know about

The secret hotel rooms you don't know about

Celebrities are some of the most followed people on this earth, with their every move being tracked and revealed to the world. So how exactly do they manage to avoid the spotlight when checking into hotel rooms?

People have questioned how it’s possible that certain celebrities manage to not only take the perfect scenic shots in the country they’re visiting, but also have complete seclusion with no eager fans watching their every move.

And the answer to that has been revealed. Hotels have secret, ultra-luxurious rooms for their VIP guests. And if you’re wondering how you can possibly get your hands on one of these rooms, you most likely can’t.

Unless you’re filthy rich or famous, these rooms are not available to mere mortals as they usually aren’t advertised and aren’t on the books. To keep the rooms private and exclusive, you won’t be finding the luxury suites advertised on

If you still don’t believe it, then have a look at Take the Retreat at the Blue Lagoon, not far from Reykjavik, Iceland.

The resort is known to remain above the thermal waters of the Blue Lagoon and is a popular tourist hot-spot if you fancy taking a dip into a sulphur-rich pool. While the website claims the hotel has 62 suites, in actual fact they have 63.

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The extra suite takes up a massive two floors and features everything you would ever need on a getaway. A kitchen and dining area, a hidden deck, sauna, spa and a completely private, closed off area of the Blue Lagoon so you can swim without sharing the waters with normal folk.

The conditions include a two-night minimum stay and is priced at a whopping $14,600 a night.

The suit is completely isolated, with guests not even being able to spot it from other parts of the hotel, which is why celebrities tend to favour the overpriced stay because it gives them something nothing else can: privacy.

Speaking to the Australian Business Traveller, Mar Masson, the director of marketing for The Retreat’s parent company said, “No-one ever needs to know you’re there.

“It’s not visible to other guests, and there is nothing that indicates it is there.”

And it isn’t only The Retreat that offers the luxury of having a lavish suite all to yourself, as the NoMad in Los Angeles and Hotel Bennett in Charleston, North Carolina, also keep their most expensive rooms a secret from those who can’t afford it.

The Hotel Bennett only allows guests to book the room if they have an invitation, and 21 Boulevard – a hotel in Las Vegas – gives you access to the penthouses after you drop over a million dollars on the tables in the high-roller rooms.

So, what if you want to book a room but aren’t famous? Well if you have the cash to spare then you can experience the luxury after receiving the green light from hotel management.

All you need to do is email the manager and request the most private room in the building. Once you get the go-ahead, you can experience the life of a celebrity for a night or two.