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The one word that could ruin everything at check in

The one word that could ruin everything at check in

This word has the potential to ruin your entire trip.


It sounds simple, but if you have forgotten to include your middle name on your flight bookings, this could spell trouble for you and your flights.

It becomes even more of an issue if you're travelling overseas.

It's easy to forget to add your middle name, especially when the travel website only asks for your first and last name. However, if you are travelling overseas, it's best to have your flight booking match the exact name on your official travel documents, including your passport.

Many people have learnt this lesson the hard way. One man who was flying from Rome to Mykonos on a European holiday was informed that he would have to pay an extra £50 (AUD$90) to reissue the ticket, so it was an exact match to the name on his passport.

The flight itself was only £100 pounds (AUD$182), so the traveller would either have to pay the fine or find another flight.

He wasn’t the only one to  be stung by this surprise rule, as it quickly became clear that other passengers weren’t aware of this requirement either. Up to 20 other passengers who were boarding the flight had to pay the fee as well.

This experience seems to vary across airlines, as a woman in Canada was also denied boarding onto her flight into Iceland as her middle name was missing from the booking. It wasn’t an exact match to her official travel documents, so she was forced to find a new flight.

It definitely doesn’t help that she was told less than four hours before the flight and the airline wouldn’t reissue a ticket. There were another 11 other people who had reportedly missed their flight for the same reason the day before.

The woman was forced to buy a new outbound ticket that cost more than the price of the original return ticket.

Changing your name on a booking varies from airline to airline. A handy tip is to contact your frequent flyer membership helpline so you don’t have to worry about manually adding your name when you book flights with your preferred airline.

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