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Danielle McCarthy

The new stress-free way to travel

The new stress-free way to travel

Jetting off around the world is one of the most rewarding experiences but isn’t always without hassle. Endless hours can be spent comparing the best deals, organising your itinerary and selecting affordable accommodation -  it’s enough to flip a fun holiday into a scarring experience!

However, savvy travellers are flocking to a new category of touring that takes away the burden of organising the logistics of your trip but also allows you the freedom to set your own itinerary at your own pace.

Cosmos Lite is offering the world’s first à la carte tour style, which combines the essential features of their award-winning Cosmos tours with a personalised and independent approach to daily itineraries.  

Travellers will be able to choose a holiday package that includes city-to-city transportation, comfortable hotels and daily breakfasts.

So, how does it allow travellers to go overseas without the headache?

1. Explore on your own when necessary

While it is a great bonding experience to travel with a group, sometimes it is valuable to also spend some time alone. Having the opportunity to take breaks from your tour group and schedule in your own enjoyment will give you the perfect opportunity to recharge and reflect on all the fun you will be having. Travelling with Cosmos Lite will allow you to have the perks of travelling with a group, such as meeting new people and greater security, but then also give you the opportunity to explore at your own pace. Breaking away from the group will give you the chance to learn how to enjoy your own company in a foreign place and also force you to get out of your comfort zone. And if you ever get a bit lonely when going solo, you can return to your tour group.

2. Freedom to tailor itineraries

Cosmos Lite provides a blank canvas for travellers at each destination so that they can customise their experience. Your Tour Director will point out the best sightseeing, dining and entertainment options at each location, so you will never be without a good recommendation.

Those who are looking to find trusted local information will also have access to the CosmosGO mobile app at their fingertips. For those who are wanting to spontaneously spend their time completing more activities than they originally thought, they will be able to purchase them on the go with optional excursions.

Cosmos Lite excursions typically start later than normal tours, so you can choose to spend your morning however you like – whether you want to get some extra hours of shut eye or set out for an adventure. You can also select solo or group outings, depending on your personal preference.

3. Don’t worry about the stressful details

One of the painpoints of travelling is making sure you are doing sufficient research to get your hands on the best bargain and avoid getting scammed. Cosmos Lite takes care of city-to-city transport, hotels and daily breakfasts, so you can spend your time and energy on planning the more exciting aspects of your holiday.

Cosmos Lite offers travellers transport in private deluxe motorcoaches between destinations with free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. The tour will include clean, comfortable and attractive hotels that offer customers the most for their money.

Travellers will also have the most important meal of the day covered in the tour price so that you can start every morning energised with a full stomach.

What are your tips for stress-free travel? Let us know in the comments below.