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6 inspiring travel blogs for seniors

6 inspiring travel blogs for seniors

Travel blogs are a great way to get inspired for our own adventures around the world. We’ve taken a look at six inspiring travel blogs written by seniors for seniors. You may already be familiar with a couple of these through previous articles we’ve posted.   

If you’re looking for advice, ideas or inspiration for your own around the world adventure (or even just a good read) you can’t do much better than these six travel blogs.

1. Senior Nomads

A simple suggestion from their daughter has turned into an epic, adventurous, around the world and still-continuing journey for Michael and Debbie Campbell. To cut costs this intrepid couple stay in Airbnbs, and provide useful information about this and every place they visit in their fun, informative blog. To visit the Senior Nomads blog, click here.

2. Global Travellers

In four and a half years of travel, Elizabeth Grey and her husband Gary driven a caravan around the world, visiting almost 50 countries in the process. The aptly-named Global Travellers details the adventures of these intrepid seniors who are currently travelling around Australia. Richly-detailed, Global Travellers is quite a fun read, available here.

3. The Gypsy Nesters

Another blog about a couple who have decided to use their twilight years as an opportunity to roam around the world. The Gypsy Nesters showcases a couple roaming around the globe, untethered from the responsibilities that tie so many of us down. Regularly updated and full of fun information, the Gypsy Nesters is available here.

4. Boomeresque

Put together by Suzanne, an intrepid traveller who describes herself as a “recovering-lawyer”, Boomeresque is quite a fun take on the blog form. Suzanne keeps blog posts irreverent and fun, hilariously referencing to her husband as Mr Excitement. Suzanne also welcomes lively reader engagement. You can find Boomeresque here.

5. Glamour Granny Travels

Inka Piegsa-Quischotte is the Glamour Granny, a freelance travel writer who created her blog with a view to provide inspiration for baby boomers around the world who would like to embark up travels but don’t quite know where to start. Her witty, entertaining posts are always full of fun information. You can read Glamour Granny Travels here.

6. Women on the Road

Offering practical, ethical and fun advice, Women on the Road’s author Leyla created her blog with an aim to inspire readers with stories and advice from a lifetime of travel. Well-travelled and a gifted writer, Leyla is a great source of experience and is just the sort of person you’d like to talk to before going overseas. Read Women on the Road here.

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