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10 ways to beat travel sickness

10 ways to beat travel sickness

It’s the fastest way to ruin any trip, so how can you avoid getting the dreaded travel sickness?

1. Make sure you’re well hydrated before you travel and keep water with you throughout the trip. This also means you should avoid alcohol the day before you travel as it will dehydrate you further – and a hangover will do you no favours. You should also try to have something in your stomach. Eat a light meal an hour or so before you travel. Nothing heavy or greasy, and no junk food.

2. Seating yourself in the right position is really important. If you’re in a car, get in the front seat (or, even better, drive the car yourself). On a bus or train make sure you are facing the way the vehicle is moving.

3. Once you’re seated, stay looking in the direction that you are travelling. Keep your eyes on the horizon or on the road in the distance. Avoid looking out the window and focusing on objects moving by, like trees or telephone poles. You should also try not to move your head around quickly, as it will upset your equilibrium.

4. It can be tempting to distract yourself with a book during the journey, but it’s not going to help. Your eyes move side to side as you read, which can upset your stomach further. Some people find watching a movie on a screen or tablet can distract them from their sickness, but it doesn’t work for everyone and may actually make you worse. You’ll need to try it for yourself.

5. Two words: fresh air. Never underestimate the power of a breeze on your face to make you feel better. Open a window, turn on the vent or stay out on deck if you’re on a boat. Take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

6. If you can manage it, sleep is a great alternative to feeling sick. Once you’re out your body won’t realise that you’re moving and nausea will evaporate. If possible, find a cool, dark place to lie down and take some slow, relaxing breaths until you fall asleep.

7. Fizzy soft drink can be one of the simplest solutions for nausea. Coke or lemonade are said to be most effective and it’s often recommended to let it go flat before you drink it.

8. Ginger should be your first port of call if you want to take something for motion sickness. It’s a proven natural remedy that can have great effects. Try tea, lollies, gum or supplements. Peppermint can also help, so you can drink tea or even smell natural peppermint oil to ease symptoms.

9. Acupressure can relieve nausea, especially the pressure points on the wrist. Pharmacies sell simple wrist bands that place continuous pressure on this point that are very effective and easy to use.

10. When all else fails, you’ll need to medicate. The most basic option is over the counter medications like Travacalm, which contains the anti-motion sickness drug dimenhydrinate and caffeine, or Dramamine. Antihistamines like Phenergan can also be used to treat motion sickness and have the added benefit of sedation, so you’ll be able to get some sleep as well.

Do you suffer from travel sickness? Do you have any tips for anyone who does so? Let us know in the comments below.

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