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16 travel hacks to save you time and money

16 travel hacks to save you time and money

You take a holiday to relax. But often many of us feel like we "need a holiday to get over the holiday". 

The three main causes of post-holiday stress are worries about money, the constant to organise and over-planning activities. 

So, how do you make it easier on yourself? These travel hacks will help. 

1. Book a package deal or a tour

Leave the organisation to someone else. Package deals often come with significant discounts. You don't need to plan. You just need to turn up and go. 

2. Use a travel agent

Travel agents can do all the organisation for you. Come prepared with your wish-list, your budget and your must-haves and they will do all the research. This takes a great deal of planning stress off your shoulders. It also means that if something does go wrong - the travel agent can help to sort it out.

3. Go far, far away

If you are going on holiday to de-stress, get as far away from home as possible. Remove the possibility that you could "just duck back and get something".

4. Find the fast airport security line

One airport security line always seems to move faster than the others. Here's how to pick it. Avoid lines with children or families. Scan the passengers - pick the one where the people have removed items such as laptops ahead of the scanners. Avoid lines with large groups. Instead, pick one with more singles. 

5. Pack your charger in your hand luggage

These days many planes have USB ports in the seats. If you pack your charger in your carry-on you will have a fully charged device when you step off the flight. 

6. Portable power

Taking a lot of photos with your phone will zap your batteries power. Don't stress about it. Simply pop a portable phone charger in your bag. You can use it to recharge when needed. 

7. Packing cells

These small plastic or fibre pockets allow you to separate your luggage into different containers. They save you serious time searching through and unpacking your luggage. Keep your underpants in one, your T-shirts in another. If you are travelling with family and share a bag you can colour-code each person's belongings. 

8. Don't pay twice for insurance

Sometimes your travel insurance package will cover car insurance while overseas. If it does, you do not need to pay the insurance for the hire car. Make sure you check your policy

9. Have adequate insurance

Make sure your travel insurance policy covers as much as possible. You never know when you might need it. 

10. Carry-on essentials

Put all your medications into your carry-on luggage. We also recommend adding a spare pair of underpants and socks, swimwear and a toothbrush.

11. Tap into free Wifi

Mobile phone data is expensive. Keep a look out for places that have free WiFi and tap into those while overseas. Another great option is to buy a local Sim card at the airport. You can use social media to keep up to date with most friends and family. 

12. Register with Smart Traveller

Always register your details with Smart Traveller. If there is an emergency, the Australian Government can provide assistance faster if they know where you are. 

13. Reduce jet lag

Pick your flight times well to minimise jet lag. The best flights are the ones that arrive in the early evening. That allows you to go to bed in a reasonable time and sleep off the tiredness. Excercise, such as a light walk, will also help. 

14. Map your destination

Download Google maps for your destination before you leave. The GPS in your phone will work without using mobile data and you will be able to quickly navigate foreign streets. 

15. Bring a water bottle

Bottled water costs add up on an overseas trip. Save some of that money by bringing your own water bottle. Fill it up at safe drinking locations. Boil water in your hotel room. 

16. Pack a medical kit

Your first aid kit should include painkillers, electrolyte powder, diarrhoea tablets, Band-Aids and allergy tablets at a minimum. 

Written by Alison Godfrey. Republished with permission of My Discoveries.