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Traveller shames fellow plane passenger for disgusting in-flight habit

Traveller shames fellow plane passenger for disgusting in-flight habit

A passenger was grossed out after a man placed his bare feet on the in-flight entertainment screen, leaving dirty toe print marks on the wall.

Taking to social media, American comedian Andy Richter posted images of the incident.

He also provided an explanation as to how he managed to get him to stop.

He wrote: “So I snitched this f***** out to the flight attendant, who told him to put them down.

“Puts them back a few minutes later & I asked him to put them down. ‘They’re your bare feet, man’.

“He was shocked and put them down. When he just put them back up I decided f*** it, I’m tweeting.

“We had to get off the plane because of lightning and there were dirty toe smudges where his feet were.

“I’m not exaggerating. You could see the outline of his big toe, etc.”

Andy then said: “The flight attendant came back right before we got off and asked him to take them down again.

“Guy did and asked, ‘Is that like a just-when-taxiing thing?’

“Attendant: ‘No, it’s a basic aeroplane courtesy thing’. Guy seemed surprised to hear that.”

He also said: “And everyone around him was grossed out and appreciative that I said something but didn’t want to join in. ‘People are crazy. You never know’, one lady said.”

Everyone seemed to take Andy’s side, as the responses were quite one sided, with one Twitter user saying: “What is wrong with people?? News flash: no one should put their bare feet up in the shared space of an aeroplane, or God forbid, on someone else’s armrest.”

Another person said: “So glad we rarely fly. People are so disgusting.”