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5 stunning inland rivers in Australia

5 stunning inland rivers in Australia

Australia’s beaches get a lot of attention, but look inland and you’ll discover some stunning rivers that are just waiting to be explored.

To view these rivers, scroll through the gallery above.

1. Jardine River, QLD

At the very tip of the Cape York Peninsula, the Jardine River is about as far north in Australia as you can go. It’s a journey for the true adventurer and you’ll need to cross a few tricky rivers on the way there, but you’ll be rewarded with beautiful spots like Fruit Bat Falls and thousands of unusual birds. You can camp at some designated areas by the side of the river though be warned that facilities are very limited and you’ll need to be completely self-sufficient. It’s also worth noting that there are a lot of hungry crocodiles in the Jardine, so be careful.

2. Pieman River, TAS

At the opposite end of the country, the Pieman River on the west coast of Tasmania is true untouched wilderness. It runs along the edge of the famed Tarkine Forest, the second largest temperate rainforest in the world. You can drive along the river, camping or staying at lodges, or take a leisurely river cruise. Unlike the more popular (and touristy) Gordon River, you’ll likely have the Pieman all to yourself.

3. Myall River, NSW

It may not be the grandest river in Australia, but the Myall sits within the Great Lakes region with interconnecting lakes that cover more than 10,000 hectares. The whole region is a water-lover’s playground, with the winding river, lakes and beaches for canoeing or kayaking, fishing, swimming and surfing. There are a number of campsites with good facilities that can be reached by boat or by road or you can stay at the small town of Tea Gardens with hotels, cafes, restaurants and shops. The river itself is shallow, so you need to be aware of tides, sandbanks and mudflats when exploring by boat.

4. Noosa River, QLD

Noosa is known for its beaches, though head inland and you’ll find another equally lovely water source. The Noosa River is quiet and calm, so it’s a great place for paddling under your own steam. One of the most beautiful spots is the Noosa Everglades, a pristine wilderness area of wetlands, lakes and channels where the water is as still and smooth as a mirror. There are popular campsites with hot showers, fireplaces and shops that act as great staging posts for exploring the upper reaches of the river by boat.

5. Frankland River, WA

The Frankland River is in the southwest of the state, around five hours from Perth. It’s one of the longest rivers in the region and while its upper reaches are wet and wild, with plenty of boulders, logjams and rapids, there are tranquil sections that can easily be explored from a canoe or kayak. The surrounding Frankland region also produces some fantastic wines, so you can reward yourself with a local drop after a long day of paddling.

Have you visited any of these incredible rivers? And are there any we’ve left off our list? Please let us know in the comments below!

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